Group/Corporate Workshops

Our Presenters come to you! All coursework is customizable.

Workshop A – Dynamic Clarity: A Communication Course with a Dash of Emotional Intelligence

Marni Freedman, LMFT, will guide your group through course material that will promote communication and cooperation between staff and enhance connection with potential customers.

This workshop will help participants to understand better and identify their behavior, emotions, and motivations and in turn to better understand others. An understanding of emotional intelligence leads to greater self-awareness and greater self-management, which ultimately leads to a more harmonious and positive workplace. Participants who follow the guidelines of Dynamic Intelligence will feel empowered to connect more to customer needs and to take on challenges with enthusiasm and clarity. Personal insight leads to better business.

To customize your presentation, choose from topics such as:

How to identify and label emotions accurately
Communication without complaining
Understanding the emotional needs and moods of others
Dynamic and practical conflict management techniques
Working with difficult people/diffusing tension with listening techniques
Staying open to solutions even in times of serious conflict
Active listening and accurate reflection
Brainstorming creative solutions
Realistic and optimistic goal setting
Creating a team atmosphere that promotes solution focused thinking

Workshop B – Storytelling or Screenwriting

Storytelling techniques can enhance many business models as they teach the participants how to communicate with emotional impact.

Goal of the workshop: To provide participants with a fun, engaging interactive experience where they learn the basics of storytelling and the creative process and walk away with a viable movie concept. At the end of the workshop, each successful participant will earn a “Screenwriting 101 Certificate” from

Hands-on, interactive and just plain fun the participants work in teams to create marketable story/movie ideas. To customize your presentation, choose from topics such as:

Cultivating a creative mindset
How to brainstorm alone and with a group
How to become a solution-focused thinker
How to see problems as solvable puzzles (the essence of story creation)
What The Hero’s Journey is and how it can be used to craft stories
Storytelling for emotional impact
Tackling the inner critic
Outlining and Streamlining
Plot and Structure
Character Creation and Dynamic Dialogue
Creating an experience
Creating in fast-paced, high-pressure situations
Pitching techniques
Story Workshop is based on Marni’s book, 7 Essential Writing Tools (That Will Absolutely Make Your Writing Better And Enliven Your Soul)

Limited Curriculum Also Available for purchase:

  • Learning Plot from the Masters
  • Structure for Memoir
  • Bringing Scenes to Life
  • Screenwriting 101


Custom Workshops

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Learning Plot from the Masters

Using the 15 Plot Spots to Map out Your Story

Creating Unforgettable Characters

Structure for Memoir

Bringing Memoir Scenes to Life

Screenwriting 101

Advanced Screenwriting

Playwriting 101

Time Management for Writers

Crafting the Scene

The Art of the First Five Pages

Writing for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Graphic Novels and Comic Books

Three Key Essential Structural Elements for Novels

How to Write a Query Letter

How to Write a Book Proposal

How to Write a Synopsis