Draft in Six

Work with Marni, the thought leader’s writing coach, in this exclusive, fast paced, action oriented program.

Are you ready to have the first draft of your book written in six months?

Think about it.  Right now you may have nothing but ideas and a blank page, yet in six months you could hold your first draft in your hands.  If you are ready to get into action and finally make it happen, your time is now.

How it works:

  • At the beginning of each week you will receive your packet that includes specific ideas to ponder and forms to fill out that will help you to conceptualize and refine your ideas.
  • At the end of the week you will have your one hour writing coach session with Marni.
  • Together you will review homework, update your progress, assess your inspiration and motivation levels and create your clear, actionable writing plan for the next week.

The 6 month Planning, Page, Polish program includes a signed copy of Marni’s book!

Planning Page Polish

Stage One: Planning  6 Weeks
Let’s Make the Map!

Module 1:  Tenacious Writing Routine

  • Together we will hone your writing routine so that you will have a clear picture of when, where and how you write best.

Module 2: The Goal Map

  • Marni will help you to illuminate the clear goal for book.
  • Together you will conceptualize the target length of your book.

Module 3:  Idea Refinement

Together with Marni, you will refine and hone all of the essentials elements of your book, including the:

  • Core idea
  • Chapter Recipe
  • Theme and Tone
  • Structure and Flow
  • Benefits/Purpose Statement
  • Audience and Marketability Statement

Stage Two: Page  10 Weeks

This stage is all about getting the words on the page.

During this 10 week session you will write a certain amount of words per day or pages per week to meet your individualized word count goals.  You will meet with Marni weekly to assess and review your progress as well as to maintain your enthusiasm and motivation levels.

Module 4: Write Section One

3 weeks

During Module 4 you will write the first 30% of your book

Module 5:

4 Weeks

During Module 5 you will write  the next 40% of your book

Module 6:  Write Section Three (30%)

3 weeks

During Module 6 you will write the last 30% of your book

Stage Three: Polish, Polish, Polish  8 Weeks

During Stage Three, the Polish stage, together with Marni you will break your work down into three bite sized pieces.  You will create a plan of attack to address issues of structure, tone, flow, content, voice and theme.

Module 6: Polish

Approximately 17 days

Polish section 1  (30%)

Module 7: Polish

Approximately 22 days

Polish section 2  (40%)

Module 8: Polish

Approximately 17 days

Polish section 3  (30%)



End of 6 Months you will have your first draft done!



Is this program for me?

Are you…

  • Ready to get serious?
  • Sick of wasting time?
  • Ready to uncover and maximize your strength
  • Ready to get out of your own way?
  • Excited (and nervous) about getting into real movement?
  • Ready to put time and energy into your dream?

What you may discover:

  • It is not uncommon to figure out that you want your core idea to be stronger.
  • It’s not uncommon to create a map, then during the words on the page stage, to course correct and refine your vision.
  • It’s rarer, but some discover that they have great ideas but would prefer to hire a ghost writer to help them complete their mission.  In this case, we will create a new goal map and find the right ghost writer for you.

Q: What happens at the end of the 6 Month Plan, Page, Polish Program?

A: Some writers feel ready to publish.  Most writers  follow the next steps.

During this optional next stage you will be guided through your re-write of your second draft.

  1. Beta Readers- Readers that are your target audience will read your book and provide assessment.
  2. Get Feedback – Together we will assess the feedback and create a new plan of action to polish your piece to assist with voice, structure, tone, theme, clarity and flow.
  3. Polish to Perfection!

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