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With a Writing Coach, You Will Receive:

  • Educated Editorial Feedback
  • Consistent Support and Guidance
  • Accountability
  • An Understanding of the Marketplace
  • An Intuitive Guide Who Will Help You Write the book YOU want to write
  • A guide to understanding your audience to help sell your book

Marni is a writing coach like no other. She has 25-plus years of professional experience with books, screenplays, and stage plays. She is a seasoned editor and a theatrical producer. She is a therapist for artists. To top it all off, she runs the San Diego Writers Festival, where she creates year-round world-class programming for writers. Having interviewed some of the top names in the writing business, Marni has her finger on the pulse of the writing world.

“What I love more than anything else is working with writers one-on-one, helping them learn the craft and unearth the voice from their souls. It’s an incredible honor to be a guide for writers.”


Marni will tailor the work specifically to your needs. You may choose to work on the craft of writing, create a successful writing routine, or unblock creatively. Choose this option if you want to work on Nonfiction, Fiction, Plays, Screenplays, and Articles, or if you need a developmental editor to review your manuscript.

Write it in Six Months

Are you ready to have the first draft of your book written in six months? In this fast-paced, highly personalized, action-oriented program, you'll go from blank page to holding your first draft in your hands. If you are ready to get into action and finally make it happen, your time is now.

Take a Class

Marni and her team offer stellar workshops on all aspects of writing, including Plot, Character Arc, Dialogue, Sensory Details, Theme, and Tone, How to Write a Memoir, Writing for a Family Legacy, How to Write a Screenplay or Stage Play, and How to Unblock and Become a Creative Force of Nature.

Does this sound like you?

  • Feel anxious or overwhelmed as you try to give your idea shape and structure
  • Not sure how to find or express your authentic writer’s voice
  • Wonder how to organize your time so that you will actually complete your mission
  • Feel blocked
  • Struggle with believing in yourself
  • Wonder what your path is supposed to look like
  • Have been seeking a way to awaken your soul and feel more creative on a regular basis
  • Drawn to writing as a healing method but you’re not sure how to get started

The Good News!

  • There is a path filled with adventure, community, and self-discovery.
  • It’s a path that can take you to your next career goal and help you achieve your dreams
  • It’s a path filled with insight, wonder, and healing
  • It’s a path that can offer you tools for life
  • You don’t have to do it alone.

A loving, joyous community is here to uplift you, walk alongside you, and applaud your journey.

You Are a Kickass Creator You Are a Kickass Creator

What People are Saying

Marni Freedman is a skilled writer’s dream of a guide across genres! She provides unwavering soul-connected support with a kick-ass degree of empathy combined with a fierce commitment to giving unvarnished nuts-and-bolts critiques for revision designed to create the strongest possible incarnation of each manuscript.

Testimonial Item

Tania Pryputniewicz

Author Heart’s Compass Tarot

Marni is a phenomenal writing teacher, coach, and community leader. Her integrity is unparalleled, and the depth and range of her skill is unmatched. I recommend her to anyone looking to raise the level of their writing, whether that means finding a place to start the craft or making their lifelong work better than it has ever been. Marni is the whole package.

Testimonial Item

Lindsey Salatka

Author Fish Heads and Duck Skin

Marni is a unique combination of encouragement, inspiration, and superb coaching. She helped me find my writing voice. Her coaching and content editing were, and are, the magic ingredients that help me produce my books.

Testimonial Item

Madonna Treadway

Author Grief Hack

Marni is a talented editor, writer, and coach who zeros in on what could improve your work, pull back, and provide overview advice and direction. She is full of resources from the beginning stages of a book idea through to the end stage of publishing. I trust her formidable talent as a writing coach and depend on her endless compassion as a support to help birth my books.

Testimonial Item

Dr. Vincentia Schroeter

Author Communication Breakthrough

Marni is one of those rare editors who draws out the best in one writer after another.

Valerie Alexander

Author Mommy Science

There honestly aren’t enough words to adequately capture what Marni Freedman brings as a writing coach. She has seen me through to the completion of an ambitious project and never failed to provide exactly what I needed to keep going, honing and improving the work every step of the way from beginning to publishing. Her skills as a writer, editor, psychologist, and advisor are stellar. There’s no doubt in my mind that without her keen insights, creativity, encouragement, and provocative inquiry, I couldn’t have written the book I wrote. Plus, she is a joy to converse with, has a great sense of humor, and a huge heart—simply the kind of person you want in your life. If you can work with Marni, do it. Just do it.

Testimonial Item

Julie Brams

LMFT, Author Earth-Based Psychology: How The Way We Think Can Heal Our Planet And Ourselves

Marni Freedman is a master coach. With her mix of warm encouragement, sage writing wisdom, and kick-in-the-pants honesty, she helped bring my book, Frazzlebrain, into existence. I hired Marni for individual coaching sessions that dramatically increased my productivity and the quality of my writing. From there, I attended her writing courses. I still refer to her books and my notes from those classes for all my writing projects. I joined one of her read and critique groups, where her leadership and good humor strengthened my courage to create. Marni has built a supportive, brilliant writing community where writers support writers. She made my writing dreams come true and can do the same for you.

Testimonial Item

Dr. Gina Simmons Schneider

Author Frazzlebrain: Break Free from Anxiety, Anger, and Stress Using Advanced Discoveries in Neuropsychology

I’m an award-winning freelance journalist and essayist with years of published work—but tackling memoir has been the scariest, most humbling experience of my career. Marni’s patience, kindness, and intuitive, creative nature make her a soulful writing coach. She knows how to help you dry those memoir tears and plow ahead. She guided me through a first draft to an almost finished second draft of a project I’ve been working on intermittently for twenty years. Her insightful cheerleading gives me the confidence to carry on and flip fear into courage!

Testimonial Item

Sharon Rosen Leib

Author and Journalist

Why Choose Us

Working with Marni and her Team

We are living in one of the most dynamic times in history for the writer. A publishing revolution is going on right now, allowing writers to get their work out there and not be stifled by any system. There is more support and education for the budding writer than ever before. There is a vast and growing need for all kinds of content, along with the ability to reach readers worldwide with the swipe of a key.

Your time is now.

We are here to offer you personalized support and expertise that will guide you from the kernel of an idea to completion.

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You Need This Kind of Kick in The Pants You Need This Kind of Kick in The Pants

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