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You have an exciting kernel of an idea for your novel, self-help book, memoir or screenplay.

You know in some way that you are meant to write it.

Yet, when you try to get it out, you:

  • Feel anxious or overwhelmed as you try to give your idea shape and structure.
  • Are not sure how to find or express your authentic writer’s voice.
  • Wonder how to organize your time so that you will actually complete your mission.

The Good News?

  • There is a path.
  • You don’t have to do it alone. And it can be a tremendous amount of fun.

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“She is a real guru on story…”

Marni and I wrote a successful play together called ‘A Jewish Joke,’ that has done very well already in New York, Chicago, and San Diego. We began with her as my writing coach, and I cannot say enough about her skill set with plot, story, and character. She has taught me more than I can […]

“Marni Freedman is a gift to writers everywhere.”

“Marni Freedman’s got serious super powers! Her ability to gently guide writers to their best work is high among them. She teaches plot, character development and structure yes, but more importantly, she has an intuitive ability to see the gold inside the story, the hidden gold that turns a good story into a brilliant story. […]

“Marni’s enthusiasm for writing is contagious!”

“Marni’s enthusiasm for writing is contagious! She invites you to discover what you’re passionate about and keeps you on track to bring it to the page. Marni keeps you writing. She helps you create a relationship with your creative process that is as nurturing and supportive as she is with you.” — Carolyn B, Screenwriter

“Grace stepped in and offered a warm-hearted writing coach and therapist.”

I previously wrote in the form of freelance travel essays for newspapers and magazines, has been brewing between the pages of my journals for the last fifteen years. When I decided last January to write a memoir about my spiritual journey covering that same period, I knew I needed help not only in baring my […]

“In short, Marni’s magic.”

Bryan, whose brilliant prose had garnered San Diego writers’ awards and rocked the theater with laughter at his latest reading, suggested that I visit Marni’s Memoir Class. Bryan’s writing was well-timed and flawless. Why did he need a writing coach? “She’s great. Give her a try,” was his reply. So, I found myself sitting in […]

“She combines warmth, candor, humor and industry chops…”

Marni Freedman really brings it as a writing workshop leader. Combining warmth, candor, and humor with writing and industry chops, she creates an environment in which participants feel energized, involved, and inspired to share their unique voice. With an astute eye for character and structure, she can pinpoint writing problems, yet facilitate a discussion so […]