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Permission to Roar

“If you have ideas and a dream to write a book but can’t imagine yourself doing it, Marni Freedman’s Permission to Roar is for you. It’s a confidence-inspiring mother lode of inspiration and practical know-how that will take you from the dream to the reality.”

—Judy A. Bernstein, author of They Poured Fire On Us From the Sky and Disturbed In Their Nests

Have you ever wondered:

  • Is there a way to tap into the magic of YOU and get that on the page?
  • How do you organize your ideas into a thought-provoking book that people can’t put down?
  • If writing a book about your area of expertise might be the dynamic push your career needs?

If yes, join me, your master writing coach and a general good witch of writing, on the journey to unlock the book inside you.

If you are writing a self-help book, I will guide you step-by-step through the writer-tested-and-approved Three-Key Method.

The Three-Key Method will walk you through all the steps of writing from:

→ a kernel of an idea,

→ brainstorming and honing,

→ choosing a template, and creating your outline (then connecting to and radiating your own kind of brilliance).

But wait, there’s more!

→ Also included: tools to help you execute your vision, define your audience, synthesize and present your most powerful ideas, and uncover your unique writer’s voice.

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7 Essential Writing Tools: That Will Absolutely Make Your Writing Better

Writer Tested, Writer Approved, the #1 International Bestseller from Marni Freedman

I invite you to fall in love with the magic that is writing with the proven tools on story structure, scene creation, plot, voice, and character.

You need this kind of kick in the pants.

The master coach, whose credits include writing a play that was turned into a Disney movie, offers fresh and practical ideas on writing, including:

  • The 15 Essential Plot Spots—a plotting tool for everything from novels to memoirs to screenplays
  • The big list of 55 Character Archetypes
  • Insights into figuring out how you (yes, you) work as a writer
  • The 5 elements that will ensure you have a compelling story idea
  • A clear explanation of anti-heroes, anti-villains, and everything in between
  • The 9 elements of crafting a dynamic character
  • Three steps to finding and boldly using your unique writer’s voice

This book is designed to help you break through the many troubles that stop authors from creating that great story inside of them.

Are you struggling with any of the following?

  • Realize you don’t have a map.
  • Can’t quite articulate your idea or synthesize all that you want to say.
  • Wonder how to give your idea shape and structure.
    Are not sure how to find or express your authentic writer’s voice.
  • Are faced with feelings of being anxious or overwhelmed.
  • Wonder how to organize your time so that you will actually complete your mission.
  • Find yourself plagued with thoughts like “Who am I to write a book?”
  • Fear that you won’t know what to do next once it’s complete.
  • How do I know all that? Because you are in good company.

Most aspiring writers face similar struggles. But don’t worry. There is good news. There is a path. There are specific and concrete tools that can help you. You don’t have to do it alone. And it can be a tremendous amount of fun.

You Are a Kickass Creator You Are a Kickass Creator

Get Marni’s Exclusive Writing Tools

Ready to start writing today? Kickstart Your Writing Journey by Downloading Marni’s Tools on Plot, Story Idea, Scene Writing, Character Arc, Archetypes, Creative Flow and More!


15 Plot Spots - Your Go-ToPlotting Tool
11 Commandments For Writing a First Draft
The Checklist for Effective Scene Writing
How to Craft a Solid Core Idea
Character Arc for Memoir Writers
How to Unblock and Enter the Creative Flow
Big List of 52 Archetypes - A Tool for Character Creation

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