Writing Coach

Are you a writer who is struggling to start or complete a piece of writing? Marni and Carlos meet with their clients in person or on the phone for private coaching sessions. No matter what you are working on, utilizing a writing coach gets you started, keeps you on track and assures that you will finish a draft at your highest ability. In person in San Diego. Outside of San Diego -- on the phone or via Skype.
For: Novels, Nonfiction, E-books, Screenplays, Plays, Short Stories and Memoir

Draft in Six New Program!

Work with Marni, the thought leaders’ writing coach, in this exclusive, fast-paced, action-oriented program.
Are you ready to have the first draft of your book written in six months?

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Other Services

Script Coverage

Marni and Carlos will read your completed (or almost completed) script and offer supportive, clear and detailed feedback on the essential elements of story, plot, dialogue, theme, tone, character, and structure along with guidance for your next essential steps.

Content Editor

Marni can read your half-put-together to your fully-completed manuscript (really, it doesn’t matter what shape it’s in!). She will then provide a written assessment that will cover the essential elements of story, plot, character, tone, theme, dialogue and structure.


Our professional copywriters can write dynamic content for your brochure, newsletter, website or blog. Having the right words in the right places can take your business to the next level.

Copy Editing

Our professional copy editors will make sure that your writing sparkles. Grammar, spelling, word flow, and punctuation are polished to perfection.

Therapist for Writers and Artists

Marni is a fully licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She is currently offering House Call Services. Marni Comes to You! (if you live in San Diego). Marni uses Writing and Narrative Therapy, Brief Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioral therapy as tools to heal, work through struggles and address any transitional/problematic issues. Skype and Phone sessions also available.

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  • Marni is simply the best! Her approach as a writing coach is one of patience, compassion, and complete professionalism. This, combined with her wealth of knowledge about the writing process, has reenergized my creativity and given me the perfect amount of structure to keep my pen moving. Not only am I thrilled with what I am creating, but I am having so much fun telling my story! I am so grateful to her!

    Steph W.
  • As a first time screenwriter, I couldn’t be more pleased with Marni’s depth of knowledge and understanding of the screenwriting writing process that she brings to her writing group. Her style is to listen to your words, ask insightful questions, suggest options for improvement, inspire new ideas, and encourage you to completion. I no longer feel alone when I face the blank page. Marni is there and she knows what I’m going through. The best part of my week is spent in her writer’s group where I find the strength and courage to keep writing.

    Rick B.
  • Marni Freedman really brings it as a writing workshop leader. Combining warmth, candor, and humor with writing and industry chops, she creates an environment in which participants feel energized, involved, and inspired to share their unique voice. With an astute eye for character and structure, she can pinpoint writing problems, yet facilitate a discussion so that a writer feels supported rather than lambasted. With her knowledge and experience with screenwriting and other forms, she serves as a great guide for those seeking a pathway into the writing profession.

    Lex L.
  • Marni is insightful, warm, and full of incredibly useful/ usable information on the craft of screen writing. From tightening structure, to more subtle tips for those elusive moments of character development that make a movie magical, her workshops are a treasure trove for those serious about taking their work to the next level. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

    Daisy S.