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Meet the Team

Marni, Carlos, and Tracy have known each other since they were eighteen. Well, truth be told, Marni and Tracy met at age fifteen, and Carlos joined the pack a few years later. They all studied together at USC, went off, had their professional experiences, and reunited years later to bring what they learned to aspiring writers. Six years ago, they met the brilliant Caroline and just knew they had to bring her on board.

A little more about Marni

Marni Freedman (BFA, LMFT) is a produced, published, and award-winning writer. After graduating as an award-winning student from the USC School of Filmic Writing, Marni began her career with her play, Two Goldsteins on Acid, which was produced in Los Angeles. She worked as a script doctor for top film companies and as a script agent for the Mary Sue Seymour Agency. One of her plays was made into a film, Playing Mona Lisa, and was produced by Disney.

Marni is the co-founder and Programming Director for the San Diego Writers Festival, whose mission is to gather Southern California writers and creatives for a day of literary celebration, creative expression and, most importantly, to promote diversity and inclusion for underserved communities.

Marni is the programming director for the International Memoir Association, which produces a yearly theatrical Memoir Showcase. Marni is the co-editor of the award-winning anthology Shaking the Tree: brazen. short. memoir. (published by MCM Publishing).

Marni’s profound experience with her teachers at USC who were blacklisted has shaped the direction of her life and career. Her play, A Jewish Joke, about the Blacklist, appeared Off-Broadway in 2019. Marni is also a therapist for artists and writers. Her welcoming, easy-going nature and solid background are the underpinnings of what makes her such a popular writing coach across the country. Marni is a unique writing coach because she has a tool for almost everything. She has a way of translating complicated information into easy-to-grasp, step-by-step information. Her character worksheets and plotting devices have been met with rave reviews.

She teaches writing workshops for UCSD, conferences, and retreats across the state and runs the Memoir Certificate Program at San Diego Writers, Ink.

Marni’s award-winning book, Permission to Roar: For Female Thought Leaders Ready to Write, is an Amazon Bestseller. She lives with her wonderfully talkative husband and son and their three cats, Dorothy J. Witten, Bun Bun, and Mugsy, who don’t like each other. Within her community, she is often referred to as Glenda, the Good Witch of Writing. Her first book on writing was 7 Essential Writing Tools: That Will Absolutely Make Your Writing Better (And Enliven the Soul). Her next book, The Memoir Map, will be released in November 2024.

Marni’s Specialties: Novels, Nonfiction, E-books, Screenplays, Plays, Short Stories, and Memoir

About Carlos

Carlos de los Rios Jr. graduated from USC film school, and then earned a JD from Monterey College of Law. He is the acclaimed author of an array of underground Mexican-American books of poetry and prose. He has written films starring Academy Award-winning, Emmy Award-winning, Golden Globe Award-winning, and Tony Award-winning actors, as well as movie stars like Danny Glover, Josh Hutcherson, and Scott Eastwood. Carlos has the distinction of having written silver screen legend Lauren Bacall’s final film, The Forger. He is also an award-winning documentarian who has taught film writing at UCSD.

Carlos is now a sought-after writing coach, manuscript analyst, and story consultant. His writing coaching has brought so many bright lights and amazing talents into his life that he is just grateful to get to work on new stories every day. Carlos’s clients range from Hollywood screenwriters and New York Times best-selling authors all the way across the spectrum to new writers taking their first steps on the journey. His supportive and professional approach makes it easy for writers to progress and improve their material for professional presentation or just for the pure satisfaction of the craft. New and self-published writers are especially welcome and will be treated with the same gentle, relaxed approach that makes everyone say how easy it is to talk to Carlos. Get a coach in your corner who wants to see your writing flourish.

Carlos’ Coaching Specialties: Novels (Literary or Genre), Memoir, Nonfiction, Screenplay, e-books, and all forms of “genre writing” (Sci-Fi, Mystery, Detective, Historical, Romance, etc.).
Special Note: Carlos is also also a ghostwriter. He has ghostwritten books, memoirs, screenplays, and teleplays for best-selling authors/writers (working professionals), as well as for first-time authors, independently published writers and businesspeople. See more details below and inquire about packages and rates if interested.

About Tracy

Tracy J. Jones is a professional content writer, editor, and writing coach with more than twenty-five years of experience writing and editing for private clients, nonprofits, and corporations. Her writing and editing clients include novelists, memoirists, romance writers, YA authors, and self-help and nonfiction writers.

Since its inception in 2015, she’s been involved with the San Diego Memoir Showcase—first as a participant and now as a co-producer, head judge, writing coach, and co-director of the popular theatrical program. She co-edits the award-winning San Diego Memoir Showcase anthology, Shaking the Tree: Brazen. Short. Memoir. The fifth volume of Shaking the Tree was published in January 2024.

She is a co-instructor for the year-long Memoir Certificate program at San Diego Writers, Ink, and runs three writing groups. She is the President and a founding board member of the International Memoir Writers Association. Tracy is the Warwick’s + San Diego Writers Festivals Book Club interviewer.

In her previous corporate life, Tracy spent more than fifteen years doing C-Level executive communications (primarily as a speechwriter), internal communications, and public relations at organizations such as The New York Times, Avon Products, Inc., and KPMG LLP.

Tracy is a lover of salted caramel anything, the purr of her cat, Lulu, cult documentaries, and rainy days spent reading. And she’s happiest when helping writers find their voice and confidence to pursue their literary dreams.

Tracy’s Specialties: Writing Coach, Read and Critique Group Facilitator, Content Editing, Developmental Editing, Family Histories, Personal Essay Writing, Writing for Contests, Subtstack Writing and Blogs, Prompt Writing, and Creative Inspiration.

About Caroline

Caroline Gilman is the Assistant Director and Director of Marketing for the San Diego Writers Festival and the Vice President of the International Memoir Writers Association. She has created world-class campaigns for events and authors. She works with clients to create book launch marketing strategies, author videos, book trailers, social media marketing, ad campaigns, one-on-one and group marketing coaching, and graphic design. She is A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Caroline is currently working on a middle-grade fantasy novel, an adaptation of her recent screenplay.

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