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I have wanted to write my autobiography for many years and never had the time. I also didn’t have any direction. Once I began taking the Memoir course from Marni Freedman and Tracy J. Jones, I knew I was in the right hands of creative care and resolution. I highly recommend Marni and Tracy to anyone who has thought about writing a novel, memoir, or manuscript. I’m sincerely glad I found them."

Jerri Lyne Nachman

Writing a memoir is one of the most worthwhile endeavors one can undertake. The Memoir Certificate Class provides the tools to turn your dream into reality."

Kimberley Hirschi

It doesn’t matter where you are in your writing journey, the memoir certificate classes will inspire you and make you a better writer. That’s what it did for me. I knew I needed structure, support, and skills. I received so much more. I found a connection, warmth, humor, belief in myself, and the courage to share my story. Thank you, Marni and Tracy; I’ll be in the next class."

Tree Whitney

After years of procrastination, I signed up for my first memoir class in January for my New Year’s resolution. Within six weeks, I had written my first short story, which was subsequently published. Marni Freedman is a fantastic teacher. Her textbook teaches the structure of your story, and her empathy coaxes powerful emotions out of you. The icing on the cake is that I have met so many supportive writing friends."

Elise Kim Prosser, PhD

My memoir is already much tighter, and I have a solid foundation for participating in my read and critique group. I'm now working with Marni to polish my fifth draft and hope to get my memoir published next year!"

Lauren Cross

The Memoir Certificate program is the best decision I made as a writer. Not only did my writing improve significantly, but I made lifelong writer friends and gained the confidence and tools I needed to finish my book."

Chloe S

As I moved through the classes, I took something valuable away from each session. Her light-hearted nature, positive energy, and sincerity came through every step of the way. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Marni.

Judie Lincer

Memoir Classes - Memoir Certificate

Are you ready to write your memoir in a nurturing, dynamic, inspirational environment?

Since 2016, Marni and Tracy, in partnership with San Diego Writers, Ink, have offered this highly rated program. Not only do people earn their certificates, but many have gone on to publish their memoirs! You can take one class or earn your certificate by taking the following series of workshops. Classes can be taken out of order. (All workshops are only offered once a year and must be completed within three years to earn the certificate.)

NOTE: Though this class is offered as part of the Certificate in Memoir Writingthere is no pre-requisite—you can join at any time in the year.

Jump in Anytime! All sessions are live online via Zoom (and are recorded in case you miss a class).

Dates for Memoir IV / First Draft Push – Saturdays – 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, 9/28, 10/5 & 10/12
Dates for Memoir VI / Queries, Editing, and Book Proposals – Saturdays – 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/23 & 12/7
Memoir I – The Memoir Map – begins late January of 2025

Memoir I: The Memoir Map

It’s time to finally write that memoir you’ve been wanting to write for years now! Join Marni and Tracy on your journey to done.

Memoir II: Character, Dialogue, and the Scene
In this workshop, participants will deepen their character work and learn how to craft a compelling memoir scene complete with description, details and dialogue that will bring the written word to life. A deeper understanding of the two voices of memoir will be explored; the voice of innocence and the voice of experience.

Participants will gain a strong understanding of how and when to create real, conversational dialogue and utilize flashbacks. Tools to communicate clarity of character will be taught to bring the people in the story to life for the reader.

Memoir III: Structure for Memoir and Character Arc
In this workshop, students will expand upon what they have learned in Memoir I and II about the basics of memoir writing and character, dialogue, and scene. The focus on this workshop will be on creating a strong character arc and creating a bullet proof structure that will fulfill the potential of the hook. Utilizing either the 6 Journey Writing Plot Spots or the 15 Plot Spots as our structural guides, we will delve deeper into creating parameters, honing your core idea (deciding how to pick and choose what parts of your life to include in your memoir) and perfecting tone and theme.
Memoir IV: Voice, Transitions, and Symbolism

Agents often share that what makes a memoir stand out in the marketplace is a strong author’s voice. In this workshop we will uncover the soul of the writing with fun and interactive voice techniques to make the storytelling as dynamic as possible.

Students will also learn how to craft smooth transitions as well as how to enter and exit a chapter or scene. Participants will gain a better understanding how to create a seamless text that takes the reader between past memories (flashbacks) and present-day experiences and observations.

We will work on bringing the theme of the piece to life so that the manuscript will resonate with universal meaning. Symbolism will also be explored as a way to deepen the writing and flesh out the theme of your book.

Memoir V: First Draft Push—Integrating the Skill Sets. Focus is on Character Arc, Voice, Scene Writing, and Structure
In this class we will revisit the main building blocks of your memoir as well as hone the essential skill sets needed to complete your first draft. We will pay special attention to your structure, character arc and scene writing. We will also cover How to Write a Book Proposal in the last session of the class. Since the former sessions work on learning individual skill sets (think one melody at a time), this class is vital to assist the writer in learning how to use all of the skill sets at once for a first draft (think symphony).
Memoir VI: Editing, Publishing, and Queries

(This class will feature special guests in the field of publishing and editing)

In this workshop, students will learn the art of editing their memoir including identifying what and where to cut to streamline the plot. Students will also learn how the revising process works so that they will be able to create a product that will excel in the marketplace.

Peer editing will be utilized to assist the student in completing a first rough draft of their memoir.

Students will be given an overview of the publishing options available to them including special guests (top professionals in the field) that will offer the most current and compelling information about publishing/self-publishing in today’s memoir marketplace.

How to Unblock and Become a Creative force of Nature

This interactive workshop is offered in two formats:

  • 1-day introduction experience
  • 6-week in-depth experience

What’s covered:

  • The Four Creative Myths That May Be Holding You Back.
  • The Five Laws of Lightning (the Creative Force) and What They Mean to You.
  • How to Uncover Your Creative Flow Style.
  • How to Navigate Creative Blocks.
  • How to Connect to Your Creative Guides.
  • How to Continuously Spark the Unstoppable Force Inside You.

Writing About Family

Marni Freedman Workshops Presents:

Writing About Family Taught by International Memoir Writers Association President Tracy J. Jones

A step-by-step creative process to unlock memories to share and inspire the next generation.

What you and your family gain from writing a memoir or family history:
  • Writing and recalling memories help create new brain paths, causing neurons to fire
  • The more you write, the more memories come back that you’d forgotten
  • What it means to your family to have a list of life events, a few pivotal memories, and even one-line answers about your life from childhood to now
  • The connection and community you will find sharing your memories in a supportive and nurturing environment with Tracy.
  • Reflecting on and writing about pivotal moments offers insights into your life that you might not have found if you had not sat down and recorded these memories.
  • It’s an uplifting and moving experience that your family will cherish.
  • Wouldn’t you love having your grandparents or great-grandparents’ memories and life events organized and written down?
    Memoir writing or answering questions about your life is a gift to yourself and your family.
Class Structure:

Week One: The Quick Answer Questions
Week Two: Drop-in Technique to Recall Memories
Week Three: Writing to Photos
Week Four: Writing to Music
Week Five: Deeper Reflections on Your Life’s Story (Part 1)
Week Six: Deeper Reflections on Your Life’s Story (Part 2) & Putting It All Together)

The class textbook is For You When I Am Gone: Twelve Essential Questions to Tell a Life Story by Steve Leder.

Writing About Family – Starts September 24, 2024

How to Write a Self-Help or Thought Leader Book

Are you ready to write your self-help, how-to, or thought leader book?

Have you ever wondered:

Is there a way to tap into the magic of YOU and get that on the page?

How do you organize your ideas into a thought-provoking book that people can’t put down?

If writing a book about your area of expertise might be the dynamic push your career needs?

If you answered yes to any of these, join me, your master writing coach and a general good witch of writing, for a six-week class that will help unlock the book inside you.

I will guide you step-by-step through the writer-tested-and-approved Three-Key Method, which helps you figure out the PROMISE, PREMISE, and your personal APPROACH to the material.

The Three-Key Method Will Walk You Through All the Steps of Writing

  • from the kernel of an idea,
  • to brainstorming and honing,
  • to choosing a template and creating your outline (then connecting to and radiating your own kind of brilliance).

You will be provided with three nonfiction thought leader templates to choose from

  • Big Ideas
  • Stories
  • Plan-of-Action

Too often, women question their expertise, dim their light, or don’t feel worthy of writing a book that highlights their ideas and talents. But by learning to harness your inner brilliance and organize your ideas, you can own the title “thought leader” and write that magic-filled book that can change your corner of the world.

How to Talk to Lightning

This six-week class delves deeper into the conversations you can have with nature’s creative force to help you navigate any roadblocks, uncover your unique partnership, and harness the unstoppable creative being within.

Topics covered:

  • Delving deep into the 5 Laws of Lightning
  • Meditations and experiential tools to help you connect to Creative Flow
  • How to harness your creative energy and get things done
  • How to illuminate the heavenly pattern of your dreams
  • How to navigate the yin/yang experience of rest and action to remain creative for life

Soul-Discovery Writing

A six-week course delving into what connects you to source, lights you up, and awakens your spirit.

Topics covered:

  • Creating correspondence with your spirit guides
  • The art of slowing the mind through writing
  • Meditative Writing 
  • Intro to channeling/spiritual freewriting
  • Inspired writing to light up the soul
  • Writing for expansion

Memoir Mondays

Tracy J. Jones will take the first ten minutes to check in with any writers who want to share a success, challenge, or update on their writing projects. If you are interested, there will be a prompt for each session. Come for 15 minutes or stay for two hours.
All genres are welcome!

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