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Tap into your unlimited creative potential to overcome obstacles and reach new heights.

Marni is a writer, speaker, and master coach. When Marni speaks, the audience is forever changed by her dynamic, original, and interactive material. Her humor entertains. Her practical and research-based tools educate. Her passion inspires.

Marni’s unique point of view is informed by

  • 20-plus years in the world of psychology
  • 25-plus years of professional writing experience (movies, plays, and books)
  • 18 years as a teacher and Master Writing Coach

With her signature style Marni inspires each audience member to

  • discover what may be holding them back,
  • break negative patterns,
  • understand and harness their creativity,
  • increase confidence and productivity,
  • and feel empowered to change their corner of the world.

Speaking Topics

Corporate Topics

  • How to Use Storytelling to Create Loyal Customers – A Therapist and Writing Coach Shares Her Unique Tools
  • How to Enter and Stay in Creative Flow for Life
  • How to Create a Highly Productive and Creative Work Culture
  • Why Some Storytelling Campaigns Work and Others Fail – 3 Tips for Success
  • The Psychology Behind Creating a Campaign That Will Turn Customers Into Loyal Fans

Writing Topics

  • How to Craft Your Plot Anything – Novels, Screenplays, Plays and Memoirs
  • How to Create Unforgettable Characters
  • How to Write a Page-Turning Novel
  • Six Secrets to Screenplay Writing
  • How to Write a One-Person Show
  • Secrets of Entering and Staying in Creative Flow for Life
  • Structure for Memoir
  • Memoir 101 – A Beginner’s Guide
  • How to Use Your Authentic Writer’s Voice to Command Attention and Make Sales

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